Keeping Warm in Our Skoolie.


Thanks Instagram family for inspiring this post. We have been asked quite a few times about the wall heater we have installed in our bus, so here’s a post all about it.

It is a Dyna-Glo model . It runs on Propane or Natural Gas. There is a small space on the back to make that adjustment before installation. It is a 12,000 BTU unit that says it heats up to 300 sq. ft.

It does keep the bus warm down into the low 30’s, we aren’t sweating, but we aren’t freezing either. Ours does take some time to light. It isn’t a flick of a switch or a quick light with a match. To light it you have to press down on the pilot/setting wheel. You can hear the gas coming from the rail into the unit. After a minute or so (seriously a minute) you press the igniter (battery powered) and the spark lights the gas… if your lucky. Because we turn off the supply lines when we move it takes a bit for the gas to flow at the right pressure for ignition after we turn the gas back on.

We bought ours from a private seller on Offer Up to replace our previous unit that died. This is a great alternative to the costly and dirty wood burners, though the wood burners have their perks too. It is vent free so no holes in the roof. YAY!

All in all it is a good unit for what we use it for. It has kept us comfy and warm during our travels these past 7 months.

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2 comments on “Keeping Warm in Our Skoolie.”

    1. We haven’t experienced much condensation while using our heater. We do have a dehumidifier that we can run but honestly only used it once or twice since leaving Florida. It was the east coast where we saw the most condensation.


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