Did you know we have a YouTube Channel?

Oh yeah… We documented our entire build from the day we purchased our bus, every single week . We’ve added a few so far and if you subscribe now you may be getting a new notification soon!

Video 1 is the day we bought the bus and drove it home.

Video 2 we were picking up tools and supplies at local shops. And we spot what we thought was another skoolie, but it was just a church bus.

Video 3 is removing the stickers and wall panel rivets… so many rivets.

Video 4 We washed the bus, found some leaks and cleaned even more inside and out. We spent a lot of time in the beginning just cleaning.

Video 5 Is all about the floor, well stage one of the floor. We put down some rust converter, sealed the holes left by the seat removal, and sealed the floor with paint.

Video 6 We found more leaks – Not Yay – We also reinstalled the drivers seat, only to have to remove it again later… And we used flex seal for the first time to seal the small holes around our window frames.

Tiny Home Tours 2020 Tour Video this is our first official tour video. Find out all the details of our home and us.