Sloth High Five Interior Skoolie Bus Conversion

Our Home

Building a home inside a bus takes a lot. We kept a list of things we used to convert our bus and what we use to live off grid and on the road.

Below we provided links to the things we used that can be found on Amazon. Using these affiliate links doesn’t add any cost on to your total but does allow us to earn a small percentage through ad revenue. If you do decide to use these links to purchase anything let us know over on Instagram @slothhighfive. we’d really appreciate it.

We separated the parts and pieces into different categories and you may find these same links in blog posts from time to time. Also if you see something in our home you like, please don’t hesitate to ask us about it. We love to share details about our home.

We appreciate you being here and look forward to seeing you on the road to happiness.



Drawer latches

Nature Head Composting Toilet

Insignia 44cuft Fridge

Predator 3500 Watt Generator


Water pump

Ecco Temp Water heater

Valterra Water inlet door

RecPro 100 gallon Water tanks

Rubber stable mats (under water tanks for protection)



Propane wall heater

Dometic Air conditioning unit (roof)

Henrys Tropi-cool (roof coating)


Mighty Max 150 watt Panels

Victron Energy Charge controller

Renogy Inverter


Wattage meter

Breaker box

Electrical wire romex (14/2) , (12/2)

Electrical cable (from inlet to breaker box – 50 AMP)

3 way electrical switch (switch from solar and shore power)

Power inlet 50 AMP

Breakers (15 amp) , (20 amp) , (50 amp)

Grounding bar

Dog bone adapters and power cords (15/50) , (30/50) , (50 AMP)


Battery cutoff switch

Homcom Torque Multiplier Tool Set:


Interior Lighting


Razor scraper (tape/sticker removal)

5 in 1 tool (reflective tape removal and TONS of other things)

Auto sticker wheel (exterior decal removal)

Chicago Electric grinder (interior and exterior wall removal & misc)

Drill master grinder

Chicago Electric reciprocating saw

Chicago Electric sander (exterior prep & reclaimed wood)

Chicago Electric power drill

Ridgid drill set (everything!!)

Hitachi chop saw

Drill bit set  

Wire cutters

Empire square (A/C install) 

Henrys caulk (sealing windows and roof hatches)


Destoni’s Necklace

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