How you can help us

If you would like to help us continue this fantastic journey we thought of a few different ways you can.

Clicking the links we provide on social media posts and blog posts allows us to earn small commissions on ad revenue. It isn’t much now but we are building on our past wins and putting out more content across multiple platforms.

One of the companies we have colaborated with is Harvest Hosts. HH connects farms, wineries and other small agricultural businesses with RV travelers. The business member (farm, etc) offers a night or two stay on their property (bring your own RV). In exchange for the stay and any offered amenities (propane, electric, water) the Harvest Host member (traveler) agrees to patronize the business. Speaking to the owners, buying a product from an on site shop or taking a tour is all that is asked for some pretty amazing views. Get 15% off with this link.

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And if you’d just like to throw money at us (it all goes in the “Paradise Falls Jar”).

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If you would like to help us in any of these ways or maybe have another idea, we appreciate every bit.

Adventure is out there!

Thanks friends.