3 Quick tips from my first few days driving our Skoolie.

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1. Take your time.

Everything takes longer in the bus. What will show as a 4 hour drive will really be 6-7 hours. We like to stop frequently. Sister Golden Hair needs her breaks and so do we. We will drive for a few hours (1-3) and then make a stop for a while (an hour or so). With refueling stops being a bit longer than if you were in a smaller car.

But you’re not in a race. Take your time. There isn’t a trophy at the end. It’s about the drive. The experience. The moments in between places.

2. Navigate before you need to.

Knowing where you are going is nice, and thanks to modern technology you can zoom in to see exactly what is coming . This has come in handy quite a few times already. We use Google Maps and Satellite images which shows us entrances, exits, and how big parking lots are. Google Maps is also good for directions and to find interesting things along routes.

We like to figure of where we are going and then find a few options on how to get there, things to do, and places we can stay. Having these apps on our phones has definitely made things a bit easier.

3. Talk to truckers.

Talking to truckers at truck stops has been interesting and entertaining. On our way from Jacksonville Florida to North Atlanta Georgia a nice truck driver helped me figure the satellite pumps to get fuel. In Illinois I talked to a driver about building our bus and he gave me a few pointers on driver courtesy. I haven’t met an unfriendly truck driver yet.

If you are unsure about the directions or just about which roads are easier for the bus, definitely ask a truck driver or even the attendant at the store.

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