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Websites That Sell Used School Buses.

Here’s a list of the top places online to look for a school bus to convert into your own rolling home or your next Airbnb project. Along with these, using local tools such as Craigslist and even eBay can and are very useful. If you

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Santa Fe: Whats the difference between internment camp and concentration camp?

Just 4 months after the “limited airstrike with no boots on the ground” attack on Pearl Harbor over 100,000 people (more than two thirds were American citizens and half of them were children) would be incarcerated and shipped to concentration camps all over the US, solely on the basis of their ethnicity. Sad to say

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Meeting that Skoolie in the parking lot.

You know how when people see a celebrity all rational sensibilities go out the window? They try to forcibly meet this person. It can get weird. People act the same when they see a school bus conversion in the parking lot, while driving, in the middle of nowhere, pretty much anywhere. We thought it’d be

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