Using the Scan Gauge D in our bus.

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Over the summer we bought and installed the Scan Gauge D by Linear Logic. Now that we’ve driven over 2,000 miles with it we feel we can give it a review and recommendation.

In our travels before the Scan Gauge D we had our share of breakdowns and failing parts. We also had a few mystery sounds and electrical gremlins to deal with. One in particular makes some of our dash gauges to not operate regularly. I have learned that’s a common issue for the International 3800.

Losing your speedometer going down a mountain and not being able to see your engine and transmission temps while climbing can be pretty dangerous and put undue stress on other parts and yourself. That’s one of the many reasons we chose the Scan Gauge D.

Adding in the Scan Gauge D allows me to see 16 different gauges, 4 at a time, and it is easily programmable. My setup is to have the oil pressure, speedometer, tachometer, and engine temps on display. It’s super easy to cycle through while driving if you want to see other parameters.

Installing the Scan Gauge was as simple as plugging it into the diagnostic port underneath the dash, mounting the display, and securing the wires.

Done! Literally 5 seconds. It really is that easy.

Set-up is just as quick. Following the simple instructions allows you to pick which gauges you want and where in the display they will be. Again, it is super easy to cycle through them while driving. The instruction booklet also shows how to change the color of the display as well.

Using the Scan Gauge D allows me to see real time data like fuel consumption, temps, pressures and other sensors in and on the engine. As it’s name suggests it does Scan for codes. It’s not the most in-depth readout but it can provide valuable information.

Through watching the data as we drive and at warmups we noticed a falling oil pressure and an irregular idle. Driving we started experiencing some surging and bucking. With the help of the codes that were pulled with the Scan Gauge D we were able to diagnose the problem before causing a ton of more damage and costing us more in the long run.

To us it is well worth the price and well worth the peace of mind of having a reliable set of gauges and the ability to scan for issues. Most Skoolie owners will tell you that being able to fix things your self is a real money saver so buying the Scan Gauge D should be seen as an investment not a cost.

If you’re interested in purchasing a Scan Gauge D for your bus here’s a handy dandy link.

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If you’d like to know more or have any questions please leave a comment below.

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