Where do we go from here?

A few days before finalizing our home sale we are left with a lot of questions like “where are we going?”.

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T-Minus 12 days until our house sale finally closes and we begin our adventures on the open road. We are so excited to begin our travels but we really have no idea where we are going.

After the closing we plan on heading north to take up an invite to spend some time at Splendor Oaks, it is an Eco-Resort and Nomad Pit Stop. Splendor Oaks is owned and operated by a couple who are also converting a school bus into their tiny home. They have opened up a spot for us to finish a few last minute things and figure out the next leg.

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We would like to make it to the Woodstock 50th Anniversary festival. We’ve visited the cultural center which will also have a music festival commemoration, but the festival we want to go to is being held in Watkins Glen. We could swing by and see some family in Pennsylvania and New York while we are there and then head west.

I have a friend in Minnesota that I’ve never met. In real life that is. We connected online back in our political activism days somewhere close to 10 years ago. We call each other often and Facetime on occasion, but we have never actually met face to face. Shane and his family have opened up a spot for us on their farm, we’d like to stay for a few weeks if possible.

We really want to spend some time and wander around the Pacific Northwest and trail into the Mid and South Western States. This trip is about learning and exploring and also looking for a new place to call home for awhile. We have open minds and hearts as to what we are looking for and where we end up we don’t know right now.

This freedom is exhilarating and anxiety inducing. It is the freedom that we crave but also the freedom that comes with so many unknown outcomes. We have places we want to see and things we want to to, it’s all the things inbetween that we are so uncertain about; but here we are jumping in feet first, holding hands, loving every minute of it.

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