So Far and So Much More


Our experiences so far have ranged from monumental masterpieces to mental meltdowns. We’ve ridden some pretty awesome highs and nearly drown in some damn deep lows. BUT… I’ll throw a “but” in there… in all of this madness we have managed to maintain and continue on even if it is at a truly sloth’s pace.

Our original departure date was sometime in early September of 2018. It is now February of 2019 and we’re still waiting for an offer on our house. It’s frustrating. It is depressing. And it’s stressful as hell.

It feels like its been forever since we made up our minds to do this. And its been over a year now that we’ve had the bus. And the house has been listed for a combined 9 months now and we have no showings booked as of now.

It seems that all the other people who started their conversions at the same time and some even way after we had, were getting on the road. And the Instagram posts of people selling their home in less than 24 hours on the market are a kick in the guts every time we see them. We do manage to congratulate those that set upon their own journeys and those that find a truly happy place, but man it does sting that we aren’t out there too.

It is hard maintain that happy mindset in the face of uncertainty, and the fear of everything falling apart at the seams is getting larger. BUT, see I said there’d be a “but” in here, we have managed to keep moving forward. Small projects accomplish larger goals. Today we attached enough drain pipe to our sink to drain to the underside of the bus. In the coming days I will continue plumbing to the grey tank.

We also added the closet clothes rod and tested the water system from tank to pump to heater to sink to drain, and it all worked flawlessly and no leaks!!!

There is so much to do and our time and money have been tied up in trying to survive until we can sell the house, it feels like we are standing still sometimes. BUT…there’s that “but” again, we have been able to move forward and finish some projects’

We are getting ready for our second tiny home festival at the beginning of March so we have to get the gas plumbing done and the stove installed. There’s more than just that but you get the idea – finishing touches.

I’m not really sure if this is a rant or a ramble but thanks to whoever reads this far. This is a truly stressful time in our lives. It is defeating, and humbling, and depressing, and at the same time has afforded us the opportunity to learn so much and meet some amazing people, to be able to join an awesome community of skoolie and van dwellers. We want so badly to continue on, to get on the road, to start our own adventure, and we are getting there -fingers crossed- soon.

2 comments on “So Far and So Much More”

  1. I feel you on the frustration! We had our first trip planned in March for the RVE Summit and we just had to cancel because our progress on the RV is too slow. It WILL happen!


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