Why Everything Takes Longer To Do In Our Skoolie.

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We are not professionals builders by any means but we have surprised ourselves with how much we have been able to accomplish on our own.

One thing we have noticed though with our build is that the amount of time we think a project should take is always off. We are spending about double the time to get certain jobs done.


With our limited knowledge of the workings of building a home inside of a vehicle and all that entails we spend hours upon hours researching how to do things. We then test different ways we have seen and mock it up before completely finishing the job.

This allows us to take a step back and make sure we are doing things the best way we can.

This mindset came about after our subfloor was installed. Personally I think we messed up with the subfloor. Not in any way that diminishes its structural integrity or in any haphazard way, but just in a way that more work, more time, and more material was used.

We used 2×2 braces and covered with 1/2 plywood. The braces are set in such a way that we had to brace the floor in certain areas and have had to modify those braces in order to run our electric wire to the other side of the bus.

As I said, it isn’t so bad as to warrant removing it, but we both realize it could have been done a better way.


When building your own mobile tiny home or skoolie make sure to take the time to look at how the pieces all fit together before setting it up permanently. Take your time and research how the project should be done and tailor that to how you need it to fit or make any alterations to your specifications.

Doing this may take a bit long longer but could pay off in minimizing bad decisions and having to redo work.

As always, have fun, be safe, see you on the road!


Sloth High Five!

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