No one ever said this would be easy…

Downsizing our life led to a difficult and emotional decision to find our cat a new family.

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IMG_3840This process is extremely taxing, physically, mentally and emotionally. Downsizing has taken over our home for the time being as we get ready to sell our house to hit the road when the build is complete. Boxes fill our rooms and there is constant meetings with people buying things as we list them for sale online. For the most part getting rid of “things” is easy, sometimes though it can break your heart…

This past weekend was probably one of the hardest times we’ve had so far, and I don’t say that lightly.

The plan in the beginning was to build the bus/tiny home to accommodate the two of us plus two dogs and a cat. That plan fell through and we made the tough decision to put our cat Ezra up for adoption. For the most part the conditions just weren’t right to try and force three animals into such an enclosed space.  Ezra and our bloodhound puppy Sister Golden Hair just couldn’t seem to get along.

We had Ezra for about 6 years. We had adopted her from someone who had her listed on Craigslist. She is a white doll face Persian. A princess in her own mind, like many other cats. In fact her full name was Ezra Princess of Persia. She was part of the family, and I guess neither of us really knew how much she was until it came time to hand her over to her new family.

We listed her on craigslist and were amazed at the speed and amount of interest we received for her. Destoni chose a respondent to the ad and we met with her and her family later Saturday afternoon. We both believe she went to a home where she will be loved and taken care of exceptionally well and we both feel it was for the best for all of us.

But that still doesn’t negate the emotional pain we went through. There is no pain quite like losing family.  This process is not easy. Don’t let anyone tell you it is easy to downsize your possessions. And it is even harder to lose a part of the family that we had been for so long.

To Ezra’s new family, we wish you all the best with her. Love her as we did and even more if you are able. She is a sweetheart and we were fortunate enough to have her in pour lives for the time that we did.

We still love Ezra and want nothing but the best for her and her new family. She will be missed everyday.


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